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Creating An Exciting Home Away from Home. 

The Leave It to Beaver Child Care center in Richmond, Virginia, understands how different it can be for your preschooler to adapt to a school environment. Our early education facility focuses on creating a safe, fun, and engaging environment and activities that your little learner will love.

As part of our preschool program, we have built an exciting world full of discoveries that your young one can’t wait to explore. Using a diverse combination of closely supervised games, we help your child develop the intellectual, emotional, and physical competencies needed to start school.

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Allowing Your Preschooler to Find their Circle.

Our cozy and safe learning environment is poised to help your preschooler easily make friends. We organize group activities that allow your child to interact with peers, forming the initial tender bonds of friendship with their classmates. During this time, we give your child opportunities to practice inherent social skills such as sharing and helpfulness, which can mentally and emotionally stimulate them.

Transforming How They Learn  

Our early education curriculum for preschoolers at Leave It to Beaver uses positive affirmations and gentle encouragement to help your child overcome any away-from-parent hesitations and anxieties, enabling them to cope with the new environment successfully.
We introduce STEM subjects in moderation, using movement, storytelling, puppetry shows, clay work, and other fun activities. Our focus is to let your child take control of their learning and explore their surroundings on their terms.
We implement the highest degree of hygiene, keeping all play areas and toys clean and sanitized. Visit our childcare center in Richmond, Virginia, to see this for yourself.




Are you ready to take the next step and enroll your child in Richmond's Premier  Early Learning Development Center? You don't have to wait to get started. You can either start your pre-enrollment process online and secure your child's spot today or schedule a tour and discover the Leave It to Beaver Experience!

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