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Poising Your Learner for Success!

The best Pre-K programs ignite a child's curiosity and desire to learn about how things work around them, find solutions to problems, and spark a genuine love of learning, and that is our goal for our students! 

Our Leave It to Beaver Pre-K program equips your child with the necessary skills needed for success in Kindergarten and beyond. Our early education programs use Virginia's Early Learning & Development Standards and provide fun experiences in language, math, science, social studies, music, and art. We build on your child's learning experiences and interests to plan appropriate and engaging lessons. We encourage your child to explore their environment and stimulate their daily curiosity at our center.

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We Are Setting the Stage for the Scientists of Tomorrow.

Our staff at Leave It to Beaver introduces your child to Gross and Fine Motor Skills, Early Mathematical Concepts and Problem Solving, Language and Vocabulary, Pre-Writing Skills, and much more. We assess each student to set adequate goals to measure progress and ensure school readiness before kindergarten. 

We also have child-safe toys and resources that allow your child to tap into the inner scientist within them. We help them acquaint themselves with simple scientific processes with fun and safe experiments. 

We are building a solid literacy foundation and boosting self-esteem and character development. 

Our Pre-K program uses children's stories to aid in developing your child's early literacy skills, which include letter recognition, vocabulary development, letter-sound correlation, and much more.

Building your child's character development is essential to our Pre-K program.  Your child will explore character traits such as kindness, how to use patience, acceptance, self-esteem and confidence-building activities, and leadership.



Are you ready to take the next step and enroll your child in Richmond's Premier  Early Learning Development Center? You don't have to wait to get started. You can either start your pre-enrollment process online and secure your child's spot today or schedule a tour and discover the Leave It to Beaver Experience!

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