All parents get frustrated and tired of yelling and repeating themselves when their children are acting unruly and they're misbehaving. You need effective communication and  what you say to a child and how you communicate your words are important. Here are a few tips to help you improve your child's behavior.

BE CALM. Your neutral tone shows your child you are standing your ground. Your calmness is contagious and will help your child calm down.

BE CONFIDENT. If you want your child to have a two-cookie or one-hour TV limit, then establish that those are the rules in your home by enforcing them consistency and with confidence.

PRAISE GOOD BEHAVIOR. Use specific praise
that reiterates the good thing your child did and what it meant.
“Thank you for sitting quietly and reading while I dressed your sister.
It made us all happy and able to get things done.   You are
becoming a good reader.”

PRESENT CHOICES. Instead of always telling your child
not to do something, give your child choices such as, "do
you want to put your socks on first or your shirt?" Just
make sure you only give choices that if your child
chooses, you will be comfortable with.

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