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Creating A Dynamic Space for Your Child to Grow! 

A high-quality curriculum is built on the premise that all students can learn and has expectations aligned with state standards. The premium education curriculum at Leave It to Beaver Child Care fosters our students' natural love of learning. Our childcare curriculum follows the  State of Virginia's Birth to Five Early Learning and Development Standards.

A core component of high-quality early education is the provision of opportunities, experiences, and materials that allow the child to develop. Virginia's Early Learning and Development Standards—Birth-Five Learning Guidelines articulate the skills and knowledge young children should have before entering kindergarten. Using effective curricula helps ensure that children are afforded opportunities to learn these skills.

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Bringing Out the Budding Creatives

We encourage your little learner to interact with the world in new and unique ways through repetitive games, active play, and group activities.
At Leave It to Beaver Child Care, we introduce different materials, textures, and environments as part of playtime. This approach allows your child to be as imaginative and expressive as they wish.

Beaver Fun Fact

Another characteristic is a beaver's unique teeth. Like all rodents, beavers have large central incisors (front teeth) that are constantly growing. They must keep them trimmed by gnawing bark.

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Are you ready to take the next step and enroll your child in Richmond's Premier  Early Learning Development Center? You don't have to wait to get started. You can either start your pre-enrollment process online and secure your child's spot today or schedule a tour and discover the Leave It to Beaver Experience!

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